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We are proud to offer online people lookups with the best meta search engine. Every time you type in a query at a metasearch engine, they query a series of other engines and content sites at the same time. Then the results are compiled and displayed in an organized fashion, with duplicates removed and the results listed according to relevance. You are effectively harnessing the search power of multiple search engines to work for you.

At SearchEnginesGalore, the main search feature is much like other metasearch engines, since it sends your query through Yahoo, Ask, AltaVista, LookSmart, Northern Lights, AOL and WebCrawler. But where Search Engines Galore excels is in its specialty search engines -- shopping, art, auto, business, finance, genealogy, health, education, etc. It even has a weather forecast button and links to kid-safe and family friendly search engines.

Valuable for people who want or need to see how different news outlets treated the same story or who are trying to find all the news on a certain topic is the Daily News Search. It will let you discover news from more than 1,500 sources on 200+ subjects.

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